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From <>
Subject AW: Apachecon slides
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 09:24:26 GMT
>I'm starting the apachecon  slides on extending ant under 
>doc/slides...we can do what we want afterwards. They arent ready for 
>review yet; maybe next week. People will need a copy of felt-tip font 
>for viewing the slides; this come with the napkin L&F 

Because I dont want to change the presentators slides, here my comments:


- no animation? (Maybe after reviewing the content ...?)

#2: Me
- Add a link to your book's homepage

#3: Todays Topics
- cool made: what is and is NOT topic of the presentation
- the dev@ant adress is not fully readable (to far on the right site -
no "org")
- wrong email adress: use instead of

#5: Before we begin
- "or Java 1.6": is Java 1.6 ONLY really enough? I thought Java6 just
  an API for integrating scripting languages. So with Java 1.6 you dont
need BSF
  any more, but you'll need the js,groovy,...
#6: The simplest way 
- more easier than <scriptdef> is <script> ;-)
  But with <scriptdef> you could reuse that snippet and write a "task"
- why you name it "random2" instead of "random"?
- the arrow the the box "All attributes are optional" does not point to
- python code: there is no space after "else", but one after "if ...
property". I hope
  that does not make any difference
#7: <scriptdef> ARE tasks
- "random2" instead of "random"
- you are using xmlns:s, but you havent written an AntLib, did not
<taskdef resource> ...

#9: Imagine:...
- "random2" instead of "random"
- maybe highlight the "test" in the target name

#12: Ant classes ... in scope
- You have spoken about AntUnit, but this means the scope of
<scriptdef>. So the
  title is misleading.
- The list is not formatted: indent of "self.text", margin of the

#13: nested elements
- the box is a little to far on the right
- the box' content is not clear enough
      type: an Ant type like "path"
      classname: full qualified Java class name
#14: <scriptdef> best practices
- how to bind a <scriptdef> to a xmlns without using AntLib?

#15: Other scriptable things
- why is <script> obsolete? When just wanting a quick way to call Java
or Ant API 
  using <scriptdef> is overhead.
- the last sentence ("these features...") is to far on the right site of
the screen
- no indent in the last sentence after "-" sign
#18: Add elements through add() and create()
- when to use add() or create()
- what about createConfigured()
- a note about polymorphism of add()
  eg: add(ResourceCollection rc) can use
  <resources> <path> <fileset>
- codestyle: no spaces between "p=new Path"

#19: Nested Text
- class name "MessageTask2" does not end with "Task": Message2Task ?
- good hint at the end ("once you forget...")
#20: Compile, <taskdef>, then use
- it is not clear how the binding between uri="" an
<book:> is done.

#21: Ant's Main Classes
- Missing some methods, attributes, ...
  * Project
    -- setNewProperty(), MSG_<Loglevel>
    -- you dont need coreLoader, baseDir, targets, references because
       showing the access methods
  * Target: 
    -- dependencies is not a single Target
    -- addTask() is shown in the interface (compare PC.setProject() +
  * Task:
    -- you dont need taskName and wrapper attributes because you have
the getters
  * FileUtils:
    -- I am missing readFully()
#22: Resources
- Datatype needs id + refid (therefore reference handling in the next
slide is needed)
- Resource doesnt need iterator() as defined in RC (compare touch() from
Touchable in 
- FileResource: what are file, baseDir and directory?
- GZipResource + BZip2Resource dont need compressionName because its
- (BTW do we need a Pack200Resource extending ArchiveResource?)

#24: Compile then <typedef> 
- closing </echo> is missing in the last statement

#25: Demo
- no log output from <copy>?

#26: Resource best practises
- how to test a resource with AU?


#30: Embedded Ant
- wrong email adress of dev-list

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