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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: vote: Remove javadoc2 for 1.8?
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 01:43:53 GMT
This is a handy list

> The following core tasks are deprecated:
> Copydir (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
> Copyfile (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
> Deltree (deprecated since 1.4.x)
> ExecOn (deprecated since 1.4.x)
> Javadoc2 (deprecated since 1.4.x)
> Rename (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
> Style (deprecated since 1.7)
> Let's toss a proposal.
> Deprecated methods / classes, as far as not actually used to implement
> deprecated tasks / attributes can be removed 2 minor(a.b.0) releases
> after the class / method has become deprecated. Deprecated classes /
> methods will only be removed at a minor release, and not in bugfix
> (a.b.c) releases. In case of a new major release (a.0.0) the internal
> implemenation is not guaranteed, hence even non-deprecated classes and
> methods can be changed / removed at a major release.
> Deprecated tasks / attributes will only be removed at major (a.0.0)
> releases, but only if the task / attribute has been deprecated for at
> least two minor releases. (So if the next release would be 2.0, all
> deprecated tasks except for style could be removed.)

I think that tasks that have been deprecated for more than 2 minor
releases should be removed - people have had 2+ years to stop using
these deprecated tasks (except style), so we should consider removing
them now.  My thinking is similar to yours in that if something was
deprecated in 1.4.x, by 1.6.x it should be eligible for removal.


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