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From Martijn Kruithof>
Subject Re: vote: Remove javadoc2 for 1.8?
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 14:18:47 GMT

I once tossed in an attempt to get rid of several deprecated tasks / 
attributes, which was declined in the end.

I'd appreciate if we could set some documented policy on how we would 
like to handle deprecated
1) tasks / attributes as used in the build files.
2) methods and classes usable by plug ins for ant.

This instead of regular votes on separate tasks / attributes.

The following core tasks are deprecated:

Copydir (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
Copyfile (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
Deltree (deprecated since 1.4.x)
ExecOn (deprecated since 1.4.x)
Javadoc2 (deprecated since 1.4.x)
Rename (deprecated since 1.3.x or earlier)
Style (deprecated since 1.7)

Let's toss a proposal.

Deprecated methods / classes, as far as not actually used to implement 
deprecated tasks / attributes can be removed 2 minor(a.b.0) releases 
after the class / method has become deprecated. Deprecated classes / 
methods will only be removed at a minor release, and not in bugfix 
(a.b.c) releases. In case of a new major release (a.0.0) the internal 
implemenation is not guaranteed, hence even non-deprecated classes and 
methods can be changed / removed at a major release.

Deprecated tasks / attributes will only be removed at major (a.0.0) 
releases, but only if the task / attribute has been deprecated for at 
least two minor releases. (So if the next release would be 2.0, all 
deprecated tasks except for style could be removed.)

I'd like to see some other proposals before tossing a vote.


Kevin Jackson schreef:
> Hi all,
> In an effort to start trimming the deprecated fat from Ant for the
> next release, I'd like to propose that the <javadoc2> task bin
> consigned to the dustbin of history and the docs be updated.
> My rational for this:
> - personally I've never used it
> - it's been deprecated since before I started looking at the source
> (so at least 2 years, but probably longer)
> - I can't even find the code in the source tree
> Given these factors, I think it's time to remove it (even if it's just
> an erroneous bit of doc)
> Remove deprecated javadoc2 and associated documentation:
> [ x ]yes (my +1)
> [ ]no
> Thanks
> Kev
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