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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject per-task diagnostics
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 14:31:18 GMT

I've been thinking about how we could improve our diagnostics, by moving 
more of the diags into tasks themselves. Every task could have a 
diagnostics(PrintStream) method that would be called to do the diags.

With this the -diagnostics routine could run through all tasks that it 
knows about, creates them, and for everyone one that can be created, 
asks for its diagnostics.

This would move logic into the tasks, let junit be aware about its 
needs, xslt and junit report probe for an XSL engine, etc.

1. we could introspect for a public static void diagnostics(PrintStream) 
throws BuildException method. This would let us diagnose even if you 
cannot instantiate the task enough for new() to work.

2. or we'd use an interface Diagnostics that things could implement

3. the -diagnostics command and <diagnostics> tasks could be made to 
diagnose a single task

  ant -diagonistics -task junit

and maybe even a single antlib namespace

  ant -diagnostics -xmlns antlib:org.example.something

the <diagnostics> task would make it easy to test this stuff on a 
task-by-task basis, and for third party tasks to join in.


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