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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Triage time
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 14:31:41 GMT

I'm looking at some outstanding issues with the RC and wondering whether 
to pull them either temporarily or indefinitely. I'd like some opinions.

#1 automatic proxy setup on Java 1.5

This was meant to be a benefit, in which the JVM would pick up the proxy 
settings of the OS unless you said -noproxy

  1. I have never seen it work on Linux, either with KDE or Gnome 
desktops (suse and ubuntu)
  2. Some people have reported problems with oracle JDBC driver and 
tigris SVN not working unless you go -noproxy

The problem here is that while trying to simplify a problem (proxy 
setup), we've broken things that worked. And that forces us to take on 
support calls/stops builds.

Proposal: pull the auto proxy unless you say -noproxy; add a -autoproxy 
option to turn it on if you want it. Fix the documentation coverage to 
match. Users who live behind silly firewalls (me) have to set up ANT_ENV 
to get it to work.

#2 <war> and optional web.xml

I've had reports (and seen myself) cases of users getting warned their 
web.xml isnt being used when updating a WAR file that exists. I think 
its something to do with updates.

Proposal: move the new web.xml features (code+doc+tests) to the Ant1.7.1 
Branch, to put in once we've had better testing.

I dont know if we have a 1.7.x branch but suspect this is the time to 
create one.


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