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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject javax scripting for ant 1.7.0
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 23:00:55 GMT
As java6 will be released shortly (I think in december)
it would be nice to allow ant to use javax.scripting
for a script engine. I would allow oob (out of the box)
usage of a scripting language with ant on java6 and
allow scripting with languages that only have javax.scripting
engines (F3 for example - I think).

I had proposed before to use the convention
language="jsr:javascript" to denote the jaxax.scripting
engine, and language="bsf:javascript" to denote the
bsf engine with language="javascript" to denote seaching
for the first implementation.

I would like to propose to have an initial implemenation
with language="javascript" just using the bsf engine.
and "jsr:javascript" to denote the javax.script.

This will I think allow use of javax.scripting without
having a negative impact on the current scripting code.

The changes are very small the the current scripting classes.

three new classes are added:
  ScriptRunnerCreator: a class to create a scriptRunner based on
                                 the lanuage and reflection.
  JsrScriptRunner       : an extension of ScriptRunnerBase that
                                  uses javax.scripting.* via reflection
  Reflector                 : a helper class for reflection.


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