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From <>
Subject AW: Bug 32897
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:52:19 GMT
>> >The problem with loggers and listeners is that it's a pita 
>to specify 
>> >them on the CLI, or to configure them using properties. But 
>that's an 
>> >old rant ;-)
>> Would be a "" help?
>> - contains the logger/listener configuration
>> - will be loaded automatically
>> - located next to build.xml
>I'm not following. Is such a file automatically loaded? Or are 
>you saying to auto-load these properties from the CLI? Can 
>that specify the logger and listerners to use? --DD

The "problem" with the current is, that it's loaded
from within the buildfile
and you cant add additional listeners (or am I wrong here?).

So instead of typing
    ant -listener
you could just type
and having a with
    log4j.rootLogger=ERROR, LogFile
    [... ]

The Launcher which will automatically load these settings and adds the
logger/listeners as it would
be configured on commandline.


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