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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Recorder
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:30:08 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> subir bhaumik wrote:
>> compile:
>> [javac] Compiling 4 source files to D:\subir\Downloads\example1\build
>> [javac] D:\subir\Downloads\example1\src\ ';' expected
>> [javac]     }
>> [javac]     ^
>> [javac] 1 error
> That output comes from javac, which uses stdout or stderror for its
> outoput. I dont know how that gets merged with the recorder stuff

The DemuxOuptutStream setup by Ant in its Main class redirects any
output generated by classes launched by Ant, including javac, into the
Ant log system, where it is available for the Recorder tasks.

In fact, if you are running Ant programatically, you could just attach
your own listener and pick the output you want. You'll still need to add
a DemuxOutputStream or similar to get the output into the Ant log
system. Doing so, however, takes over all of your output to System.out.
Whether it is appropriate in your environment, I can't say.


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