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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7.0?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 21:50:14 GMT

Will Tatam has updated the package for us and I have uploaded it to JPP
> 1.7 'devel'.
> However, I had to disabl the manifest-only subpackage so I could build
> and uploaded it to JPP 1.7 devel, as those JARs are no longer being
> generated.  Lets see if someone can figure out why the MANIFEST-only
> JARs are not generated anymore in Ant 1.7.0.
This is due a change in the jar task, it will not make MANIFEST-only files
the attribute "whenmanifestonly"="skip". This attribute is now used in ant's
It can be overridden by setting the property "optional.jars.whenmanifestonly"
= "build"
i.e. ./ -Doptional.jars.whenmanifestonly=build
The relavant changes to build.xml are:

I am not too sure that it is a good idea to generate the MANIFEST-only files
- these
correspond to ant tasks and types that do not get built. It was a common
report that
a certain task did not work, the reporter said that say ant-apache-bsf.jarwere
bsf.jar is present in $ANT_HOME/lib,
on investigation, the reporter had built ant themselves without bsf.jar in

There is also a stacktrace when generating the javadocs using a BEA
> 1.4.2 JDK.  With the Sun 1.5 one that goes away.  I still have to try
> the Sun 1.4.2 JDK to see if it is related to the brand or to the Java
> version.
> If there is an issue here please enter a bug.
Note that ant 1.7 should be compiled with java5, it can be compiled
with java1.4, but a small part will be left out.

P.S.: I looked into the build logs for the old 1.6.5 Ant and for the
> 1.7.0 that did not generate the manifest-only JARs and it clearly shows
> where the builds differ.  If someone want to dig a little deeper into
> this...
> Fernando Nasser wrote:
> > I didn't see anything in the list that would really affect us.
> >
> > So, it _*seems*_ we can upgrade.  We can try and add a 1.7.0 0.b2.1jpp RPM
> > to 1.7 'devel' and try building with it.
> >
> > Jason Corley wrote:
> >> I do not know, but found these (long-ish) blurbs:
> >>
> >> -----
We try to doc all changes here (but can miss a few!).

> >> Not sure how much that really answers your question.
> >> Jason
> >>
> >> On 9/21/06, Fernando Nasser <fnasser@... <>>
> >>> Hi guys,
> >>>
> >>> Someone asked me in off for Ant 1.7.0, which is actually B2.
> >>>
> >>> Anyone knows how compatible that is with our 1.6.x Ant?
The intention is that it should be as compatible as possible both at the
api level and especially at the build script level.

> >>> Regards to all,
> >>> Fernando
> >>>
> >>> P.S.: It would be nice to release JPP 1.7 with Ant 1.7 (as we released
> >>> JPP 1.6 with Ant 1.6.x).  There is no real connection between the
> >>> releases but it does sound nice [image: :-)]
True ;-)

Looking at
I think that we can get most of these patches into ant directly except for

There is one change I would like in jpackage, it is to do with the
/etc/ant.conf. It gets "dot" ed from the ant bash
script. It overwrites ANT_HOME (unless the -noconfig option is set). This
has given rise
to a large number of e-mails to, and  a number of bug
+ others

the ant script file has been altered to whine if /etc/ant.conf changes the
user's ANT_HOME.
One suggestion is that /etc/ant.conf does not modify ANT_HOME if it is
set - ANT_HOME=${ANT_HOME:-/usr/share/ant}, however this I think does not
work as $rpm_mode will still be set, and ant will be called with the user's
and the contents of /etc/ant.d/*.
I think that /etc/ant.conf should *not* be called if the env variable
ANT_HOME is set but
would need to get agreement from jpackage people before doing this.

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