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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: A note on release votes
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 13:36:02 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Hi all,
> in the past we have been a bit lax on releases.  We've beasically been
> voting on the source tree (yes, you can build a release on Sunday) and
> not on the files being released.  Now that we are sponsoring an
> Incubator podling, we might better be a bit more strict so that the
> Ivy community doesn't pick up our bad habits 8-)
> Formally we don't even need a release plan, everybody can build
> distribution files and start a release vote at any time, but I think
> we should stick with our current procedure.
> The second part is that after the distribution has been built, we must
> vote on those distribution files before they are published.
Hello Stefan,

I prefer the procedure which I have used for Ant 1.6 and for the betas
of 1.7 to define a release date in the vote thread,
and then to build and publish the release "mechanically" on the release

Voting on the source tree seems for me the right thing to do. We should
automate the generation and the upload of the distribution as much as
possible so that
there is no leeway for the release manager to tweak the artifacts.

Ideally, the releases should be built fully automatically by a
server/script/program. It is quite easy to think how this would work.
For instance you would check in in a special directory a file
called release-ant-1.7.0.xml containing the date/time when to start the
build (in UTC), the subject and the text of the email messages to
announce the release, some pointers to generate the RELEASE-NOTES.html from

I think that - apart from writing the script which could be done with
the technology we already know - the thing that would hold us from doing
it in the case of ant is that you would not put on a
"" server our non open source dependencies such as
weblogic and starteam because we do not know if this would create legal



> Stefan

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