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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r466627 - in /ant/core/trunk/src/etc/poms: ./ ant-antlr/ ant-apache-bcel/ ant-apache-bsf/ ant-apache-log4j/ ant-apache-oro/ ant-apache-regexp/ ant-apache-resolver/ ant-commons-logging/ ant-commons-net/ ant-jai/ ant-javamail/ ant-jdepend/ an...
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:41:23 GMT
Paul King wrote:
> Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
>> [...] You would like for instance to say : get bsf + groovy + jython 
>> but not beanshell for instance.
> Forgot to say: yes, this is what I would like to do.
>> You could have a look at two files written mainly by Steve Loughran, 
>> fetch.xml and
> A consequence I just realised that would be relevant to this list. If I 
> put all the dependencies in the BSF POM, then I guess you could remove 
> all of the language-related info in fetch.xml and 
> These would come down automatically along with Groovy just by 
> downloading the BSF artifact.

I would be strongly -1 to having BSF include everything, as it generates 
artifact bloat.

My recommendation:

1. add a BSF-full pom that does include everything. Then people who want 
it, get it, those who don't dont.
2. make the scope of all the various script jars runtime and not compile 
time. So you dont get your classpath contaminated.

I'd like a version of jython-without-regexps up on the repository too, 
but that's another issue.

FYI, the maven-to-RDF conversion we are attempting will eventually index 
every .class in every jar to look for duplicates. If I save a hash of 
every class we can even do version auditing. Oh, people will fear our 
auditor program. Working name: repo-man :)


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