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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Hi I need some help
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 07:48:59 GMT

Jan is correct, Eclipse Junit test runner isn't the best place to run
a lot of the Ant tests as the ant tests rely on build files etc.

For some of the 'pure' unit tests, it is possible (if you correctly
configure Eclipse) to right click and select Run as JUnit test case
(or something like that).

If you want to run the whole test suite however, you should really use
the command line (cmd.exe or bash etc depending on your platform):

1 - bootstrap.bat/sh (this builds the most primitive version of ant
that is required for 2)
2 - build.bat/sh (this uses the bootstrap build to build a real
distribution - although you'll be missing a *lot* of optional tasks
unless you've also got the optional jars)
3 - configure your environment to point to the newly created dist dir ie
ANT_HOME=<path to dist dir>
4 - ant test

This should get you up and running through the whole test suite-
again trying to do everything inside Eclipse is just a: not practical,
and b: not very smart - Eclipse is a good refactoring code editor, but
for some things (batch processing), you *cannot* beat a cli.


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