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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: suggestion : Ant 1.8 full dist to include a 'scripting lang'
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 02:06:33 GMT
> Kevin, anything in particular you don't like about Groovy?

Hi Paul,

Nice to 'chat' to you :)

My major problem with groovy was it's instability - every time I
looked at it previously, something was mentioned as still being
unstable etc.

> <groovy>
> def scanner = ant.fileScanner {
>    fileset(dir: properties['src.dir']) {
>         include(name: '**/*.xml')
>    }
> }

ok, so we have a chance to make a 'new' language and we can already
see what 'works' or doesn't work - we are making it for the JVM and we
want this to be adopted by non-Java programmers as well as Java people
- why carry all those braces?  Perl had them for no particular reason,
and practically every new dynamic language has dropped them (for good
reason) - so why did groovy choose to keep them?  I'd actually be
interested to know if it's simply because Java programmers are used to

also def is being used here to define a new procedure or is it
assigning a block of code to a varaible?

Having just checked out the groovy site for the first time in years (I
admit I've not bothered keeping up with it as it seemed to be taking a
long time to get to a release), I notice this:\

def map = [name:"Gromit", likes:"cheese", id:1234]

Ouch!  map is a functional term, in groovy though map means
associative array/plist/dictionary/HashMap.

When I read groovy has native support for maps, I though cool!

list = [1,2,3].map( i : i*2) (or similar)

Well anyway, that's just a couple of reasons why I'm not as keen on
groovy as other people are - that said, I'll have to download the
latest version and play with it to re-evaluate it - after all if
Manning are publishing a book, perhaps it's now ready for prime-time

Thanks for the feedback (I'm an old curmudgeon too and groovy just
sounds wrong as a name ;)


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