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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: suggestion : Ant 1.8 full dist to include a 'scripting lang'
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 06:00:08 GMT
> >> (project :name "Ant" :default "echo"
> >>   (target :name "echo"
> >>     (echo :message "Hello World")))
> >>
> >> Tasks would be functions or macros.
> >
> > Anyone interested in a CLISP version of Ant?
> You'd be surprised how much less lines of code you'd need when
> compared to the Java version, really.

No really I wouldn't!  Java is a *very* verbose language, Lisp is
probably one of the least verbose languages (apart from the ())

> I toyed with the idea when I first read Peter Seibel's "Practical
> Common Lisp (online here[1], but it's well worth of buying) and even
> managed to get something like the above snippet working, actually more
> like
> (defparameter *project*
>   (project :name "Ant" :default "echo"
>     (target :name "echo"
>       (echo :message "Hello World"))))
> (run-targets *project*)

I think a problem would be that CLISP Ant would also have to take
build files in two formats (build.xml & build.sexp) so as to be
partially bwc - of course CLISP can compile to native code and
therefore would (in some cases) be easier to install than Ant + JRE

> Will the new BSF release support any Lisp dialect?

Not that I know of, but some of the other languages are fairly lispy
(Ruby is sort of known as MatzLisp)

I've been looking at a couple of Lisp-on-jvm things, Kawa, and ABCL,
but Kawa is scheme not lisp, ABCL is alpha/bleeding edge and didn't
actually work (at all).

> Stefan
> Footnotes:
> [1]

Great book, even if you hate lisp, the anecdotal footnotes are still
interesting & funny


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