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From <>
Subject AW: XML version of WHATSNEW
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 06:47:26 GMT
>>> I could make up something ad-hoc myself[1], but wanted to ask
>>> anybody around here knows an existing DTD/Schema that would lend 
>>> itself to changelog style documents.  Somebody must have created 
>>> something like this before.
>> I've toyed with it in sanbdox/antlibs/gendoc. There's a 
>> whatsnew.xml/.xsl. --DD
>I would suggest just using an ATOM document for things like this.

Or we use the changes style from Maven:

    <title>Args4J changes</title>
    <author email="">Kohsuke Kawaguchi</author>
    <author email="">Jan Materne</author>
    <release version="2.0.7" date="2006-08-15" description="fixed a
packaging problem">
      <action dev="kohsuke" type="fix">Fixed a packaging error where APT
service entry was in args4j.jar</action>
    <release version="2.0.6" date="2006-04-05" description="document
improvements and few more features">
      <action dev="jhm" type="add">add a changes document
      <action dev="jhm" type="add">add a starter class</action>
      <action dev="jhm" type="add">a short manual</action>
      <action dev="jhm" type="add">args4j is running on Gump</action>
      <action dev="jhm" type="fix" issue="3">allow to specify the
console width for wrapping the usage message</action>
    <!-- ... -->
    <release version="1.0-RC" date="2003-10-01" description="Initial
      <action dev="kohsuke" type="add">initial release</action>


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