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From <>
Subject AW: suggestion : Ant 1.8 full dist to include a 'scripting lang'
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 06:28:30 GMT
>> I also think that a lot of the code in the current optional tasks 
>> could be re-written using scriptdefs instead and provided as an 
>> antlib.  This would keep the core in Java, but move the more 
>> style of tasks into a more appropriate tool/lang
>I'm not convinced that script languages are more appropriate 8-)

Me neither. IMHO its easier to do more complicated checks, e.g. if
attribute combination is ok eg.
with check*() methods.
But maybe I am not familiar enough with scripting....

>> Downsides are of course that the implementation language of Ant 
>> changes (core in Java, some optional tasks implemented as scriptdefs
>> + a. n. other language).
>> Anyway, please post flames in 3..2..1
>Not a flame.  Even though I personally don't like the idea of 
>replacing existing tasks, I wouldn't stand in the way.

Thats the fine thing on this list: we dont flame :-)

>But an observation.  Gump used to be written in Java and XSLT. 
> It was re-written in Python because Python seemed to be more 
>appropriate and Gump might attract developers from the 
>non-Java parts of the ASF.  The result today is that the 
>number of active developers has dropped from about two to about zero.

Oh - Gump3 is over?

>If we chose a "standard" scripting language for Ant, it means 
>the Ant developer community must feel comfortable with it.  
>Comfortable enough to be able to maintain and review the code.

And the scripting language must Ants Java-compliance-mode:
runnable+compilable on JDK1.2.


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