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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Roles [WAS:Re: Restricted types: Re: Location in non-Task tasks]
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:11:18 GMT

I did not see the changes. But in principle I agree with Dominique  
that a roledef should have 3 attributes :
name, role, classname
or can we make the role attribute optional by finding out by  
introspection whether a class is a condition, or a selector, or a ...
In any case we should have the field role in the table storing the  
roles in memory. It is also possible that one class be both a  
condition and a selector for instance.
In this case, the class could be bound to different names as a  
function of its role.


On Sep 13, 2006, at 2:52 AM, Dominique Devienne wrote:

>> > > however we can add the @ant.type tags now for documentation?,
>> >
>> > Sure, provided we settle on a doc tag name, which ideally would  
>> match
>> > the <*def> we choose. --DD
>> @ant.type --> <typedef>
>> @ant.task --> <taskdef>
>> @ant.role  --> <roledef>
> Role implies (to me at least) that the name is bound to a given role,
> like being a condition or a file selector, which would be explicitly
> specified by name (or class name). Since your changes just bind a
> name, without an explicit "role", it's not my favorite. I lean toward
> <elementdef> or <tagdef> myself, the latter being my preference.
> But I'm beyond neat picking here ;-) --DD

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