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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject XML version of WHATSNEW
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 20:14:26 GMT

now that I've committed the first post-release changes to the .NET
Antlib, it's time to think about the WHATSNEW file.  Maybe a little
more semantics than the plain text file would be nice.

I could make up something ad-hoc myself[1], but wanted to ask whether
anybody around here knows an existing DTD/Schema that would lend
itself to changelog style documents.  Somebody must have created
something like this before.


[1]  like

  <changeset from="1.0 Beta 1" to="1.0 Beta 2">
    <change type="enhancement" affects="nunit" issue="40552">
    <![CDATA[<nunit> now has an errorProperty attribute that gets set
             if a test fails.]]>
    <change type="bugfix" ..../>
    <change type="bugfix" breaks-compatibility="true" .../>

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