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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject SQL command and multiple statements on a single line
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 14:27:12 GMT

Someone else look at SqlExec.runStatements() and tell me if the class 
does or does not support delimiters anywhere other than the end of the line.

and if not, is this intentional?

It certainly lets you do
SELECT * from Events where name=";" ;

but it doesnt let you go

SELECT * from Events where name="a" ; DROP TABLE foo;

I ask not as I'm changing the task, but I'm looking at it as I do the 
smartfrog DB setup/teardown and it seems to behave differently from what 
I'd code. I'm going to pass in everything as is until I get to a ;\n or 
the end of the stream; no comment games. I'm just curious if the logic 
in SqlExec is deliberate or accidental.


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