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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Ant log statements being created even when not used
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 15:12:45 GMT
> +1 to -at-some-point-in-the-future- having a way to query log levels

This is all I proposed ATM.

> + 1 to mapping 1:1 with commons-logging/log4j/java1.4 tracing and
> implementing the relevant bridge classes.

This can be done separately of the work in Ant core.

> + 1 to letting the end users tune the log in a build, somehow

Yes. That would be useful for build troubleshooting. But again, it's
independent of adapting Ant core.

> +1 for moving all tasks to doing more efficient queries. Remember that
> you only need to check for an isDebugEnabled if you are doing string
> concatenation or toString work; log("fact") is faster than
> if(log.isInfoEnabled()) log(fact) because you skip the extra method call.

Regarding dynamic log level, I think it's reasonnable to have tasks
locally cache the current min log level at the beginning of its
execute() method, for example.

> -1 for doing this in the ant1.7 timeframe.

Of course. --DD

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