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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Resource.getURL()
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 02:13:47 GMT
> Just for reference I have quite a bit of experience working with custom
> protocol handlers.

OK, that's better than my casual experience with them. How do you
install them? What does it require in terms of JVM startup arguments?
Does that play well with application containers that often embed Ant?

> In the context of Ant this subject will inevitably link
> back to the subject of system classloader mutation.  Enabling the
> declaration of custom protocol handlers as a part of system classloader
> expansion would significantly simply things for applications such as Depot
> (which makes extensive use of custom handlers).  In fact the combination of
> system classloader mutation plus support for custom URL handlers would
> contribute to a significant potential simplification of Depot's extensions
> to the Ant project model and task some task implementations.

You're loosing me a bit here ;-) As far as I understand them, Ant's
new Resource type is kind of a duplicate to URLs to get access to some
content (stream), but without the "location" part. There's already a
URLResource I believe, so whatever URL the JVM already supports can be
hooked up to a resource. Why would Ant need to "mess" with custom URL

I guess my position on these handlers depends on the ease to install
them to a running JVM, and the actual use cases having them would
solves. --DD

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