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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Restricted types: Re: Location in non-Task tasks
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 21:51:20 GMT
> > > > > 2) Introduce a <tagdef> or <roledef> for the purpose
> > > > > of locating extension points as nested elements.

> Ok, I dug out my old code and after digging out some of the bugs
> and misunderstanding, I have modded IH, CH (componenthelper),
> and <typedef> to allow "restricted" types.


> I am not too sure this should be user visible but it can be implemented
> by an extra attribute to the typedef task - restrict=yes/no default is no.

I'd personally prefer a new <*def>, rather than overloading <typedef>,
perhaps called <tagdef> or <roledef> or <elementdef>.

> One problem is that the antlib.xml for would
> be long and tedious when all the conditions, selectors, mappers, resources
> are added.

long, for sure, for not more tedious than before. But I'm not against
automating this, on the contrary.

> To solve the startup problem, I propose that we use an AntLibDefinitions
> class associated
> with a name-space which would contain the definitions.

Do you mean to having a .java equivalent to an antlib.xml?

> * @ant.type [restrict="yes"/"no"] [name="whatever"]
> Where the defaults are restrict=no,

Against, I'm not fond of restrict, but I wouldn't -1 is I'm the only one.

> I will create a bugzilla issue where I will place the diffs and task.
> This will not of course be for ant 1.7!,

Thanks again. This is great.

> however we can add the @ant.type tags now for documentation?,

Sure, provided we settle on a doc tag name, which ideally would match
the <*def> we choose. --DD

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