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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: VOTE ant-vss antlib promote to antlib proper
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 13:02:21 GMT
> MS never used VSS internally. Do you think they are mad? They used  
> to use something called SCUM and then I think went to ClearCase or  
> Perforce. VSS is unreliable junk that doesnt scale and when it  
> fails, fails big time with the entire history of files  
> disappearing. Also its model of tagging and branching sucks.
> VSS was always "SCM for the little people", its selling points  
> being a good GUI, no need for a server/central admin, and tight  
> integration with Visual Studio.

Well I knew it was crap, but I thought (looking at the MS website)  
that they advocated using it

> The successor, well, it goes for server-side revenue too, and does  
> tight integration with lots of things, but its a fiddly beast to  
> bring up.

I've been doing some research on Team Wotsit and from the sounds of  
things, most MS-centric devs don't like it much

> I am +1 for moving VSS support into its own antlib. The only  
> problem is that adding the antlib to ANT_HOME/lib will not ensure  
> that existing build files will work, because to get the stuff  
> autoloaded, they need to declare it in a new namespace. Unless,  
> that is, the main file still declares the  
> existing task in its (new) location...
Good point, so if the vote passes, we should make sure that we  
implement the changes in a BWC way.

"I call it the State where everyone, good or bad, is a poison- 
drinker: the State where universal slow suicide is called - life" -  
Friedrich Nietzsche

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