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From Ben <>
Subject Re: Problem in extending class
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 02:34:28 GMT
Guys. The subclass of JUnitTask is done.

With this task (I call it junit2), one can simply specify a "lib"
directory and place all jar files under this directory and
sub-directories. (without listing all jar files explicitly)

What's more important, version conflict of the same product can be
resolved by placing the jar files of different version into
appropriate sub-directories.

This class works with Ant 1.6.5. I'd like to contribute it to Ant,
anybody give me some hint of how to do that?



On 8/9/06, Ben <> wrote:
> Suppose I have a directory tree
> /lib
>     /framework1
>         a-1.0.jar
>         x.jar
>         y.jar
>     /framework2
>        z.jar
>        a-2.0.jar
> a-1.0.jar and a-2.0.jar are different versions of the same library.
> A tree class loader will make sure that x.jar and y.jar use version
> 1.0, while z.jar use version 2.0.
> So, when I create a ClassLoader by saying:
> ClassLoader treeClassLoader = TreeClassLoaders.makeClassLoader(new File("lib"));
> The class loader will honor the tree structure and enforce precedence.
> I feel this way I can manage dependencies naturally in directories
> without explicitly specifying versions as in maven.
> Ben.

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