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From <>
Subject AW: ComponentHelper replacement
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 05:28:59 GMT
>> -split out libraries for execution, java exec, other misc things 
>> -complete programmatic use of ant without problems
>I'm thinking along the lines of moving the ant codebase 
>structure to something that reflects a project codebase per 
>jar file where each project (a.k.a. ant-sub-project) would 
>have its own build file, clearly identified dependencies, 
>testcases, and resulting artifacts.
>Could this be a feasible post-1.7 objective?
>Cheers, Steve.

I think thats the way we (silently) go. Just have a look at the current 
- antunit
- svn
- dotnet
Each produces one jar and has its own buildfile, dependency management
(gump run?)...

But bundling all fitting jars together while releasing would be a major
thing ...
Callisto2? Or should we use moons from another planet - Saturn?...


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