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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject .cvsignore ===> .svnignore
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 23:36:45 GMT
I have renamed all the .cvsignore into .svnignore and committed my
change. Did not get prompted for a commit message.
The question is also :

in lib/optional, the file .svn/dir-prop-base did not change.

$ cat dir-prop-base
K 10
V 19

So most of my optional jars are listed when I do a svn status, except

Does one have to run an administrative command to update the directory
properties, or do they have to be updated by hand separately ?

Antoine wrote:
>> Should we rename the .cvsignore files to .svnignore ?
>> Or are we supposed to enter a line in 
>> .$HOME/.subversion/config to say we want to use .cvsignore instead ?
> I would go the "clean svn way". If using a .cvsignore and a redirect is
> often used (and not only for historical reasons) we can do that.
> But I think having a clean-svn-way (.svnignore or whatever) is much more
> clearer. We dont have cvs any more.
> Jan

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