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From Hayden Melton <>
Subject Re: Structure of Ant (OO Design)
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 03:07:33 GMT

> Is your analysis in any way similar to how PMD defines it's cyclic
> complexity metric?  I always thought that PMD did a good job of
> warning developers of potentially 'smelly' code.

No, it has nothing to do with McCabe's cyclomatic complexity, which basically
tries to quantify the complexity of the control flow in a method (i.e. how many
different paths there are through if-statemetns, loops etc).

Basically what I'm doing is lookin at compilation dependencies among source
files. So if depends on, and depends on, and
depends on, then and and are all in a dependency


    - -> A -> B -> C --
   `                   |
    \_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

So in Ant-1.6.5 there are 117 .java files involved in a big dependency cycle.
That is the height of the biggest red bar. The yellow bars show the
distribution of another metric I have devised CRSS which aims to quantify how
"flat" the structure of a system is.

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