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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: OpenVMS execution
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 03:56:15 GMT
On Mon, 15 May 2006, Powell Hazzard <> wrote:
> Stefan wrote:

>> I'd expect them to return EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE which are
>> defined to be 1 and 0 respectively if I recall my OpenVMS C
>> knowledge correctly (which hasn't been used for eight years now).
>    Your knowledge is still correct (You can compile with an option
>    to flip EXIT_SUCCESS & EXIT_FAILURE on OpenVMS to honor normal
>    OpenVMS status codes).  However, Java really can't honor the
>    EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE flip in the traditional OpenVMS
>    manner.

"them" in my sentence were cvs and svn which are written in C.  I had
a quick look at the svn sources and indeed they use the macros defined
in stdlib.h.  So svn should behave like a "real" OpenVMS executable.

For Java applications even Ant 1.6 expects it to behave Unix-like on
OpenVMS.  If Ant knows it is executing Java (or a JDK executable) that
is.  If you use <apply> to execute java.exe it won't work.

> As you can see I don't think internally Java can ever assume that it
> knows whether the final exit status is a success or failure value.

I don't think we can do so in any magic way, either.  We can provide
reasonable defaults (which Ant 1.6 does IMHO) and make it overridable
on a task by task basis because only the build file author will know -
has a means to check.


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