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From "Atsuhiko Yamanaka" <>
Subject Re: Scp is this possible?
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 07:25:27 GMT

2006/5/10, Kev Jackson <>:
> In the SFTP code, there's mention of selectors not supported on remote
> filesystems.  Why is taht?  The SFTPDirectoryScanner inherits from the
> normal DirectoyScanner (which does support selectors), is there a
> problem with the SFTP protocol that will not allow selectors to work?

That logic comes from ftp task, but I guess that DateSelector expects only instances, but remote files are not
Anyway, after quick and ugly hack, I could get files with date selector.

In that hack, I get an instance of DateSelector and invoke its
'isSelected' method
whith dummy instance whose 'lastModifiedTime' is setted
as timestam of
remote file.  It is too ugly to post here, so I'll wait for reponses
from Ant experts.

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