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From Martin Menzel Apache <>
Subject Re: Scp is this possible?
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 20:06:09 GMT
Hi Kevin,

with the ANT task I don't know how to solve your problem, but I have
used Mindterms SSH library

or jsch

and you can execute ssh or scp command from within your java
application. If you think about to use rsync have a look to the jarsync

Good luck


Kevin Jackson schrieb:
>> ah the joy of a world where the ops team doesnt trust the developers.
>> Which is why I'm hosting my current endpoint on a laptop at home -I am
>> the ops team.
> In this case it's more like, the joys of being told to do the
> impossible (use http to transfer log files from servers running on the
> network as it's the only 'sanctioned' protocol, unfortunately you
> aren't allowed to install anything that can respond to a http get/post
> request on said servers... (can you see where this is going yet)
> ssh is the compromise when they realised that what they wanted first
> time around was impossible
>> > 1 - is it possible to use scp task with a fileset in this manner (ie
>> > filter files on remote server before pulling back)
>> Not according to the docs; filesets are for local stuff only.
>> Maybe its time to add more features to scp.
> If it's not currently possible, I suppose that's one way to achieve it
>> > 2 - any work arounds if it's impossible
>> rsync.
> [sigh] I wish they'd allow me some freedom to build this when they
> want it next week.
> Kev
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