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From Martin Menzel Apache <>
Subject Junit and Junit Report Task with javadoc integration
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 15:03:15 GMT

I was using the ANT Junit and the Junit Report task with fun in many

Since some weeks I had the need of javadoc documentations of the test
methods in the Junit HTML Report generated by ANT.

I wrote an extended version of the existing junit task, which uses
Velocity as a template engine to generate the html pages instead of the
actually used XSLT, to get a bit more flexibility. Further a special
junit doclet is used to extract the necessary javadoc informations and
serialize them so that they can later be used even if the source code
itself is not available.

The junit report task includes the javadoc information and adds it in
the same manner to the testcase report as the normal javadoc includes
detail informations of class methods and fields.

If wanted, I can contribute this extended Task version to the ANT Code
so that it can be integrated in the ANT bundle.

Please let me know if somebody is interested in my code.



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