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From Rupert Swarbrick <>
Subject Multipart Mime mail in <email> task
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 16:44:38 GMT

I am interested in enabling different MIME "subpart types" [1] such as
alternative, digest and parallel to be specified in MimeMailer and the
email task.

It seems, from the javax documentation [2,3] that this is an easy task
and basically just consists of setting a string when the MimeMultipart
object is made.

However, there are only certain possible values of this string. I can
see how one can use enumeration classes to constrain this in the task

My question, then, is: Should the option string be in the EmailTask
class (which also deals with other types than MIME mail) or in the
MimeMailer class, which seems more logical, but then raises the problem
of telling ant's buildfile parser about the enumeration types.

I'm afraid I'm new to this code, so I may have missed a trick, but I
have spent quite a lot of time reading articles on the web referenced
from the ant site - if I have missed something explaining how this
should be done, a reference would be great!

I'm actually interested in writing this for something I'm working on
that needs the capability, but this would also close bug 34907, which is
an enhancement request for this feature.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Rupert Swarbrick


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