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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 39585] - Core task Condition/Os does not detect "Mac OS X"
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 13:57:46 GMT
> ------- Additional Comments From
>  2006-05-17 01:55 -------
> I tried to scour the net and managed to find one
> useful reference. Of course my
> search was not exhaustive and i am not really a Mac
> developer so do not know how
> to find authoritative references.
> See "What are the rules for line endings?"
> They also describe the problems that will be
> encountered if UNIX-style line
> endings are not used, e.g. 'grep' returns the whole
> file content as a "matching
> line".
> I presume when they say "Mac-style" they mean MacOs
> prior to "Mac OS X".
> We have implemented a workaround by detecting 'os
> family="unix"' as per my
> Comment #4, and specifically using fixcrlf/@eol=unix
> and otherwise using fixcrlf
> with no @eol value.
> p.s. The initial issue Description should say: "UNIX
> LF" and the second sentence
> should be ignored. See Comment #5.
> p.p.s. You might want to change the issue Summary.

Any of you OS X using Ant developers have an opinion
on this, esp. based on the link David provides above? 
i.e. _should_ OS X's Unix-ness override its Mac-ness
with regard to line endings?  This is actually an easy
question, come to think of it... if Java versions on
OS X continue to say that the System line.separator
property is CR, probably that's what fixcrlf should do
and we note the discrepancy in the manual.  So if
someone could verify the value of line.separator on OS
X, we can probably resolve this.  Assuming noone
disagrees with this means of resolving the issue.


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