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From "Krithivasan, Balasubramaniyan (STSD)" <>
Subject RE: Where to find Icontract.jar for building ANT
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 12:32:53 GMT
Thanks Jan for your different reply.

Just a final clarification on this.

In the binary distribution, I am seeing ant-icontract.jar being bundled.
This means that it is getting built by Open source. 

We are trying to build ant from scratch on HP_UX so that we build the
product exactly equivalent to what is being distribution via "binary
distribution".  That is the reason why I am asking for icontract.jar :-(

Sorry about multiple replies.


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From: [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 5:54 PM
Subject: AW: Where to find Icontract.jar for building ANT

>However we need icontract.jar. As I understand, when we run the 
>build.xml , this jar is taken as input & generates "ant-icontract.jar".

>Our build is failing stating that "icontract.jar" is not available.

This jar is generated if the required library (icontract.jar) is
If not available there are two options:
1) build an empty jar (only manifest file)
2) dont build a jar
By default the second option is done [1]. But you could overwrite that
by setting the property 'optional.jars.whenmanifestonly' (default=skip)
to 'create'

>There are some people who uses the final "ant-icontract.jar".  
>So though this may be an optional feature, it is necessary. 

Usually they dont. Ant loads all jars present in the lib-directory and
doesnt check if a special file is missing.

>It would be great if someone could share a copy of icontract.jar and 
>not ant-icontract.jar.

Problem of delivering software without copyrights .... 
(And personally I havent one)



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