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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r381467 - in /ant/core/trunk: ./ docs/manual/ docs/manual/OptionalTasks/ src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/ src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit/ xdocs/
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:44:18 GMT
Martijn Kruithof wrote:
>> If it was working before it _should_ work the same way now (I hope!), 
> For eclipse it was NOT working before (at least not without configuring 
> junit to be available to ant in the preferences screen)

That's what I meant by "working before" - that if you did include 
junit.jar in Ant's own classpath, both 1.6.5 and 1.7 should use it.

> Now it also work 
> by adding an classpath entry referring to the junit installation in the 
> build file.

Good to hear, thanks.


--  x22801*i)%2B1

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