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From "Phil Weighill-Smith" <>
Subject RE: project dependencies
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 10:09:40 GMT
Ted, in what way? You can create a main build.xml that does, for example:
<project ...>
    <target name="dist">
        <ant buildfile="third-party.xml" target="dist"/>
        <ant buildfile="project.xml" target="dist"/>
which will ensure that the third party distribution is created before attempting to create
the project distribution. This is less than ideal as there is no true dependency between the
However, it is also possible to use import to pull all the targets into the main build.xml
directly. You then have to ensure that you provide targets in the build.xml that will define
or correct the inter-script target inter-dependencies.
E.g. if the two scripts both have "dist" targets and you want to simulate the project.xml
dist depending on the third-party.xml dist target you would do something like:
<project name="third-party"...>
    <target name="dist" depends="...">
<project name="project" ...>
    <target name="dist" depends="...">
<project name="main" ...>
    <import file="third-party.xml"/>
    <import file="project.xml"/>
    <target name="dist" depends="third-party.dist,project.dist"/>
The benefit here over the "ant" task version is that if there are common targets they can
be "merged" together (much as has been done here with "dist") and Ant will ensure that those
targets are only invoked once in the dependency sequence (instead of the twice that would
occur using the "ant" task version).
BTW, no guarantees the attributes are correctly named in this example!
As I said, this is a user list thing. If you want more help or examples re-post on the user

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Ted Yu [] 
	Sent: Thu 1/19/2006 23:14 
	To: Ant Developers List 
	Subject: Re: project dependencies

	Thanks Phil.
	But can I specify their dependency ?
	--- Phil Weighill Smith
	<> wrote:
	> Ted, this is something that should be addressed to
	> the user list, not
	> the developer list. However, short answer: no. But
	> remember that you can
	> call the ant build script anything you like. You
	> could have a main
	> "build.xml" that invokes targets in or imports (as
	> appropriate) the two
	> other build scripts, e.g. project.xml and
	> third-party.xml.
	> Phil :n)
	> On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 11:19 -0800, Ted Yu wrote:
	> > Hi,
	> > Am I able to specify two projects in one build.xml
	> > file such that one depends on the other ?
	> > The reason is that I want to move thirdparty to
	> same
	> > level as the other project source tree.
	> >
	> > Thanks
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