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From Rob Oxspring <>
Subject <signjar> and exit code 128
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 12:38:15 GMT

I've been having problems with the signjar task occasionally failing 
with "exec returned: 128" for a long time now.  The problem isn't always 
reproducible and often disappears by simply cleaning the build area and 
starting again; sometimes this technique doesn't work though.

I checked the jarsigner sources and they simply have exit codes of 0 and 
1 to indicate success and failure, so jarsigner is presumably not to 
blame.  From a little googling it looks like this might be a cmd.exe 
issue as there is a generic Windows error message associated with 128 
that seems relevant:

   C:\>net helpmsg 128

   There are no child processes to wait for.

I'm guessing this means that the jarsigner.exe is completing really 
quickly, although I suppose it could mean that it wasn't launched at 
all.  I'd really like to get this problem solved as it would make our 
build server that bit more reliable.

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing happening before? any 
recommended solutions? do I just add an ignoreexitcode128 attribute to 
the signjar/exectask?

Thanks in advance,


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