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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: SQL task testing and gump
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 02:44:08 GMT

> Not looked @ derby. DB-config/support in Smartfrog is on my lower 
> priority todo list for march, but I was going to focus on mysql 
> because its one we have a private component for that can just be 
> pulled into the public repository with the addition of an adequate set 
> of unit tests. If we did derby afterwards (very low priority, I'd give 
> oracle more time), then I'd know about installing/using it.
> -steve

Derby is mostly interesting as the syntax is (almost exactly) the same 
as DB2, so essentially you get to kill two birds with one stone (syntax 
tests wise anyway).  Hope that translates to non-native English ant 
people :).

My only problem with it was that the db engine itself is an apache 
licensed download from, but the jdbc driver (last time I 
played with it) was only available from IBM (requiring registration to 
login and download) - can't get to the website to check right now if the 
jdbc driver is available direct from apache yet.  I even had a trawl 
through the source code for the main project, looked like it needed a 
*lot* of cleanup to remove commented out code, unused variables (and 
references to Cloudscape in javadoc...) etc - PMD had a fit :).  So 
commercial code hey - not so nice when you get a chance to lift the lid.

Oracle now have a 'lite' database which is free to use on single 
processor machines (AFAIK), so to test on Oracle isn't outside the 
realms of possibility, but it's a pain in the arse to configure 
correctly, and it's not friendly wrt memory consumption - I'd definitely 
think again before running it on Gump - even if it's almost a 'de facto' 
standard that is most used in 'enterprises' and would be of benefit to 
test features against.


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