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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject sandbox gendoc
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 05:15:04 GMT

I've had a look through the sandbox and I noticed Dominque's (sp?) xml'd 
version of the docs.

As you know I had a play with DocBook-izing the manual last year and in 
the end the effort of manually altering every html page to be valid 
DocBook xml drove me mad (gibber etc).  Also there seemed to be a 
consensus (or rather a few well informed arguments against DocBook in 
general) that DocBook was not the way to go for the ant manual[1]

So I've had a look at the gendoc version (all 2 manual pages + whatsnew) 
and I thought that if this is at least in the sandbox, it's 99% more 
official than choosing a.n.other xml.

Given this I'm preparing a little script to automate the conversion of 
the html docs to the xmlised version in the sandbox.

So far I'm trying to get it to work correctly with echo, but most of the 
code is generic so when I get a passable version of that I'll refactor 
(a lot) and run it against the doc directory.

Given the formatting issues of html, I expect at least a little manual 
intervention along the way, but manually converting all the docs would 
be insane (there's over 400 in the core tasks directory alone)

Anyone interested in the results?



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