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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject OT (slightly) Rake + SwitchTower
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 07:46:20 GMT
I'm currently exploring SwitchTower[1] to see how far I'd be able to use 
it on a server-side java web app (Spring + Hibernate etc) project.  Ant 
has everything that I would need to build an Ant version of a 
SwitchTower recipe (at least I think it does), but I wondered if anyone 
has an example build file for automatically deploying an app to [a] 
remote server[s]

Check out latest code from SVN/CVS
Compile (plus do hbm.xml generation etc)
(this is what I always do and never go beyond it to fully deploy the 

ssh remote server
stop current version
scp new WAR over to remote server
start remote server
run tests[2]

plus rollback to last working version if any tests fail

All these seem very possible with Ant (although a fair bit of work and 
I'm used to manual deployment - but I'll concede that it'd be 
wiser/better to automate it, hence my investigation)

I seem to remember something about SmartFrog (Steve are you there?) 
being more about this problem domain (managing multiple servers during 
deployment etc)



PS if you have to do any web app development on any platform, Watir[2] 
is the simplest web test (functional) tool I've seen


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