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From <>
Subject ResourceCollections support nested FilterChain's
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 06:19:06 GMT
While reading the thread "Expanding ALL properties manually" [1] on the
user list
I got an idea: could a ResourceCollection support filterchains for its
own? In consequence
all tasks "just" supporting RCs would also support filterchains as well.

The main idea is that RC iterates over the nested resources.
Filterchains only are
important if you access the content - via input/output streams.

So the actual use
wouldnt make any difference. When you add a filterchain
the 'resources' would wrap the nested resources, so that the streams are
through the filterchain.

'resources' would be modified in the base class
The 'chaining' could be done via ResourceUtils.copyResource().

Consequence: the task couldnt do an 'instanceof' comparison (e.g. for
type casting) because
it only holds the wrapper. Mmh - not nice...

What do you think?



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