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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject Help with new ant task that uses spring
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 04:27:52 GMT
The problem is my ant task cannot seem to locate an xml file that is to 
be located in the classpath.  I have supplied the directory the xml file 
is in to the taskdef (the same classpath definition works on the java 
and junit tasks).  When I invoke the task, my task is found, but the 
spring config file (configured to read via the classpath) is not found.

I would really appreciate some scolding.  Thanks.

My taskdef is as follows:
        <taskdef name="authsum"
                <path refid="springframework.classpath"/>
                <fileset file="../dbom/build/dbom.jar"/>
                <fileset file="../services/build/services.jar"/>
                    <!--  the configContext.xml file is in 
../services/src/conf -->
                <dirset dir="../services/src/conf"/>
                <!-- the following is to pick the log4j props -->
                <dirset dir="../src/conf"/>
                <fileset file="../anttask/build/anttask.jar"/>

IOException parsing XML document from class path resource 
[configContext.xml]; nested exception is 
class path resource [configContext.xml] cannot be opened because it does 
not exist

If you made it this far, thanks.  The project is a web-based java 
properties manager in which property values are "tagged" in order to use 
in grid like environments.  More info at

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