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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject URI encoding ...
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 08:36:19 GMT
I have checked in some code lately related to URI encoding and decoding.
I was triggered by 2 bug reports, which were pointing to the same
problems in the background.
One bug report was about the impossibility to load properly a jar file
having in his manifest a Class-Path attribute pointing to another jar
file in a subdir, when the main jar file is in a directory containing

The other bug report was about entities not found when processing with
<xslt/> an XML document located in a non ascii path and referring to
entities in the same directory.

Now I am testing manifestclasspath. I tested it with änt (a umlaut nt,
or &#227;) . this works. Now with a directory bearing a hebrew name (iom
= &#1501;&#1493;&#1497; ) it does not work.

I can send a tar file with my test material if someone is interested. I
am wondering whether our encoding/decoding routines are wrong, or
whether it is a specific problem for langages which get written right to
left or
could even be some kind of JDK bug ...



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