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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: task namespaces
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:19:46 GMT
> From: []
> "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <> wrote ..
> > I do not see why we need to support this kind of thing.
> > NO-one asks the javac compiler to be able to compile code inside
> > Word document. If you have ANT inside some other markup, use an XSLT
> i think the larger the distance between code and its related metadata
> more cumbersome its development, generation of docs, etc....
> since MS Word is a properietary format...(talking about the
> binary)...would never ask for this....though i would like this exact
> scenario when for example writing a book;
> I would then embed code listing directly into lets say OpenOffice
> markup....and generate code listings (single source much better) as
> as test that the code does compile. I would like to also embed build
> markup inside this rich XML composite document.

I have no problem with this. But I do not think id the job of Javac to
understand the embedded java in your OpenOffice format. What I am saying
is that you can just as well provide an XSLT to extract the code and put
it on a file so that it can be compiled by any javac compiler. Same with

Jose Alberto

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