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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Maven and Ant collaboration on task codebase
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 04:42:10 GMT
Here's my non-committer 2pennies worth...

I think it would be beneficial to refactor Ant for some of the 
commons-libs (commons-exec for example), I also think it'd be useful for 
Ant 1.7 to splitoff as many tasks as possible into antlibs.  The Antlib 
idea seems to me to be the best way of refactoring Ant into a component 
based system where individual tasks can be released without having to 
release a new version of Ant (the main purpose of Antlibs was this as 
far as I'm aware).

With the Antlibs in place (assume all SCM related tasks and some others 
converted to antlibs instead of core/optional), the process of 
refactoring out commons-XXX libraries I would think would be simpler, 
not least in tracking and fixing bugs.

You're right when you mention the Jar hell problem, I can imagine that 
would be a major pain to deal with if ant required commons-xyz and 
commons-xyz required ant to compile.

Anyway, from me, I think it'd be worthwhile to at least discuss 
refactoring out common components.


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