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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: task namespaces
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:08:44 GMT
On 9/12/05, <> wrote:
> "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <> wrote ..
> > I do not see why we need to support this kind of thing.
> > NO-one asks the javac compiler to be able to compile code inside your
> > Word document. If you have ANT inside some other markup, use an XSLT or
> i like this mantra for Ant and it has served it well over the years...

Exactly! Thus we both agree with Jose Alberto ;-)

> though I think a small adjustement that lets Ant 'play nice'
> with other XML markup isnt such a problem.

And how does it not play nice already? Ant does not change the XML
namespace rules. XML elements (and sometimes attributes) still belong
to a single XML NS, it's just that Ant, for its internal resolution of
XML elements to tasks/types, uses more than one XML namespace to find
out what a give XML element might be.

I was one of the early adopter of XML NS in Ant, when it was using the
strict XML NS rules to make this internal lookup, and it had
limitations. You couldn't do stuff you ought to have been able to. Now
as Steve said, Ant does the right thing even though the strict XML NS
rules would have prevented it from doing so.

In any case, the extra markup you mix with Ant markup 99.9% of the
time is in independent elements, and the slight bending of rules Ant
does with XML NS is irrelevant anyways, behind the fact that as I
wrote above the bending happens internally anyway, beyond the realms
of XML anyway.

Really, I don't see any issue here. --DD

PS: Perhaps only the fact that you can't right now embed arbitrary,
'ignorable', markup inside Ant files, no? I remember discussion about
ignoring elements from some XML NS, but I don't think this has been
coded in, has it? If no, you point is kind of moot, no? ;-)

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