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From "Marcello Sales" <>
Subject New to Development Process - GET and POST Tasks Tests
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 15:15:20 GMT
Hello All,

Could you please help me have the big picture of the development process of
ANT Tasks? I want to contribute with the test on the extended version of the
GET TASK and the new POST TASK... Steve Loughran wrote me about you guys have
them, but need them to be tested... So, I'd like to know the steps to know
about the tasks... I've been an ANT user since 2003 at Motorola Brazil Test
Center and now here at Shopila Corporation in New York City... I'd like to
contribute with the community... see my email above with more details about my
plans for the task I want to test and have...

I have crawlers to get information on different data suppliers, and some of
them requires me to login into their website in order to download the data
files. So, It's basically divided into two steps: The login and download
processes. For some of them, to download the data file I need to specify some
parameters in the GET request. This feature is not supported by the current
GET Task...

1. GET Task must have support for the request parameters

* I would have to define the URL
* The parameters list
userID = sd2345ret
srcID  = 221443iodjh

2. POST Task with support to keep the session alive
- Support to the parameter list
- Keep the session alive after loggin into a website for example
- Use the GET Task in the scope of the POST Task (Supposed to keep the session
<post ...>
     <param name=...>
     <param name=...>
     <something to define the session scope...>
     <get ... />
     <get ...>
          <param name=...>
</post ...>

It's what I was thinking about according to my needs... I'd like to know from
the community what you have planned for the Exteded GET and POST tasks... So,
if you have some Class diagram or Interactions one it would help...

Thank you very much for your attention

Marcello Sales
Shopila Corporation
New York-NY 10016 USA

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