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From Phil Hourihane <>
Subject Re: enhancement for PropertyFile, have a patch
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2005 20:05:50 GMT

I was pretty sure that Sun's stuff, although available
in source form, wasn't open-source per se, so I
avoided hacking their code. The class I have is
subclassed from Properties (to allow for polymorphic
substitution), and includes its own code for parsing
the incoming file and handling the escapes. The 'spec'
for it (ie. the rules for parsing a properties file)
is taken from the documentation of the Properties
class, and some experimentation of my own. It was
originally coded relying on commons-lang for some
string handling (using a sledgehammer to crack a nut
there), but I stripped that out to prepare it for Ant,
so now it had no dependancy outside the standard JDK.
The parsing, escaping and string handling are coded
from scratch, and although they don't claim to be the
smartest in the world, don't step on anyone's
licensing toes. 

I'll do a search for the Software Grant form that you
mention, as the intention is to make it available to
the ASF.


--- Dominique Devienne <> wrote:

> I agree with your analysis. Your enhanced
> PropertyFile task doesn't
> fit the filterchain framework, although as Antoine
> rightly writes,
> many other things do fit it and should be
> implemented or retrofitted
> into that framework.
> Regarding your submission per se, it really depends
> on how you coded
> it. What you did was more or less proposed before,
> but it wasn't clear
> at the time whether the code was original or simply
> modified code of
> the JDK Property class from SUN, and thus it didn't
> go anywhere. Of
> course, taking/hacking SUN's code is a big no-no. If
> yours is indeed
> original, then by all means post it. Easiest is to
> submit patches in
> cvs diff -u format attached to a BugZilla report. If
> it's brand new
> code as opposed to modification of existing code
> (already under the
> Apache license), you'll have to send a Software
> Grant form to the ASF
> as well. Stefan knows the details better than me ;-)
> I hope this helps. --DD
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