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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: commons dev list CVS component
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 09:22:56 GMT
> From: Kev Jackson [] 
> It looks like there's a possibility that a java based CVS component 
> could soon be in commons/incubator, having noticed comments 
> in the CVS 
> task source about using a pure Java version (jCVS) and there being 
> problems with IP, I can only hope that this (potential) 
> component would 
> solve that issue and allow us to remove the dependency in the current 
> code - do we also want to maintain CVS as part of Ant core?  
> I know it's 
> there for historical reasons, but with svn already being in antlibs, 
> would now (with this component) be an appropriate time to 
> start moving 
> stuff (all SCM) that really isn't core into the antlibs?

I would love to remove some of the fat from the current ANT and
move more things to individual antlibs that people can load on demand.
However, the main issue we need to face is how to maintain easy backward
compatibility at least at the XML level.

We need to define a proper strategy or antlib definition pattern
that allows an installation of ANT to dump a bunch of antlibs
somewhere and the corresponding tasks can be used just as if they where
defined in CORE (without any need to declare or use additional

If we solved this issue satisfactorily, we could reorganize the entire
of CORE and optional tasks allowing for separate releases for optional
And hence allowing for a much more stable CORE and uptodate libraries.

Jose Alberto

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