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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: SVN antlib
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:13:52 GMT

>>I looked around and tried to check out from the asf repo, but all I
>>got was a couple of files.
>What else did you expect?  Among the files is a build file, I hope.

Yes that was all I'm afraid - I didn't look hard enough - found the 
actual sources later, but apache svn + firewall here meant that 
downloading it was too painful (> 5mins to browse from one dir to 
another).  I actually got the antlib commons down, bt saw there was 
nothing svn related so sent the message, and then looked again and found 
the code.

>>2- does it work independently of a native command installed?
>No, it provides wrappers around the command line, just like the <cvs<
>task does.
Ok so to use it i'd still need the executable installed, that's ok.

Out of interest, there is a svnant task provided by tigris, but it last 
time I looked (before today), it was very badly supported, looking again 
today it's recently been updated to 1.0, but I found a link 
[] that 
suggests that it's more than just an ant task ("delete everything but 
the lib directory").  Again the firewall policy here has prevented me 
from actually getting it to check it out, so for now my cruise control 
machine is using <exec>.

Thanks for all your help


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